Swiss Rotors AG is pleased to announce that it has opened a new counterflow heat exchangers production line at its factory in Oensingen, Switzerland.

New line will certainly help in the further dynamic development of the company. Now overall production capacity exceeds 60,000 exchangers per year and is still growing. The new investment is a continuation of company’s strategy: maintaining the highest quality at the best price, with the fastest delivery time.

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    • The new line represents the highest efficiency and it’s the answer to a constantly growing heat exchangers market in Europe.

      Most of the production process is supported by robots, which allows to repeat production at the highest precision. Automation allows to completely eliminate the risk of making a mistake in production. In turn, the production speed guarantees the customer an extremely fast delivery time – from 2 weeks from order to delivery. And most importantly, at a price that is much more attractive compared to other suppliers.

Swiss Rotors AG operates with respect for the environment, respecting the basic pillars of environmental policy, paying attention to minimizing the amount of waste during production.

The counterflow heat exchanger is the most efficient sensible energy recovery system with a much higher efficiency compared to devices with cross flow. Can achieve up to 90% sensible energy recovery efficiency. The choice of rib spacing ensures higher performance (2 mm) or minimal pressure loss (3 mm) to meet application requirements. In addition to popular aluminum exchangers, Swiss Rotors offers exchangers with a polymer core.

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    • Advantages of the Hex’s at a glance:

      • Robots for best quality and repeatability. The exchanger construction ensures the separation of the air streams-the air quality is maintained.
      • The highest airtightness due to the double-folded edges in aluminum core and ultrasonic welding in polymer exchanger.
      • 100% of exchanges are tested for air tightness to ensure best quality product.
      • Due to the highly automated production line – Swiss Rotors ensures the standard lead time for only 2 weeks.