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    • SVL is a major manufacturer’s representative with offices in Minneapolis, MN and Fargo, ND, working with the best manufacturers in the North America.

      SVL’s team is comprised of expert engineers with first-hand experience advising on HVAC solutions for projects of all sizes. SVL will work with you from design and selection to start-up, ensuring your goals are met. SVL’s team is very professional with true team spirit and exceptional work culture.

SVL’s unique approach to business is to guide and advise their clients on step of the process – from design to installation and maintenance. Energy efficiency is one of major consideration when choosing best HVAC system.

SVL offers Swiss Rotors 4” and 8” energy recovery wheels in a wide range of rooftops, including Daikin and Aaon brands. In addition Company promotes Swiss Rotors for custom AHUs and wheel replacement projects. With high quality of service and availability of spare parts, SVL is a trusted partner for engineers, contractors and maintenance teams.