Our direction:

Swiss Rotors is an organization that focuses on a lean management strategy.
This philosophy is at the center of what we do because we believe that by optimizing all processes occurring in accordance with this principle, we are approaching our main goal of conducting business with respect for natural resources. Our core objective is to provide the best possible solutions in the HVAC industry based on the values ​​that flow from within our DNA.

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    • We reduce operating costs by building factories in optimal locations where the demand on individual markets are the highest. This shortens the lead time to meet the necessary demands of the HVAC industry and ensures we have respect for our carbon footprint by reducing transport miles.

      We increase productivity and improve the quality of manufactured products thanks to solutions based on Artificial Intelligence, automation and robotics; this is directly reflected in the lower price, increased repeatability and minimises the risk of any production mistakes / human errors.

      We believe that lean management based organisations create opportunities for continuous learning and new experiences and enhance the good practices of our team. This translates into the high quality of delivered products in all our global locations.

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    • Mainstream:

      Focussing only on the most typical sizes and applications, Swiss Rotors and our clients can benefit from mass production through use of robotics and ultimately achieving an industry leading level of high automation.

      Overall, this leads to a very efficient production process, reducing manual labor and the space required and allowing Swiss Rotors to provide the very best price on the market. Vital for the highly competitive OEM component business.

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    • We operate locally:

      In every market and in every business environment that is specific to the heat exchanger market. We understand that each market has its own rights and has its unique limitations and possibilities.

      Thanks to our locality, we look through the eyes of our partners and thus see their reality. That is why we have factories located in different parts of the world and we are never too far away from our clients.

      We want to be part of the world society; we want to support local economies and most importantly we wish to do this in a ecologically responsible way.

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    • How do we think?

      We think globally, we see the world as one indivisible part.

      We see the problems of the whole planet, but within our DNA we believe that it is our responsibility to leave the world in a better place for our children and the next generation of dreamers and leaders. We refuse to accept that the depletion of the worlds natural resources is outside of our control.

      Each of our local activities leaves a global footprint and it is our responsibility to minimize the negative effects of this.

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Our DNA:

Swiss Quality – it’s a must and always is. With a build time of 2 weeks or lower – our goal is to be the fastest in the industry. Quality products at the lowest price – let’s compare with your current provider.

  • 2 weeks lead time
  • Plug & Play fit
  • Certified trust

We believe that future of our green planet lies in energy saving solutions.

  • To educate and raise public awareness about the depletion of the worlds natural resources, the dangers of global warming and the carbon footprint we all leave behind our activities.

  • Create revolutionary solutions in the HVAC industry that will allow for increasing energy recovery and reducing the carbon footprint as much as it possible.

  • Optimize production processes by the using Artificial Intelligence, fully automated and utilizing a robotic production process in order to deliver repeatable, high quality products every time.


  • Automatic winding technology

    Our unique & automated patented winding solution works by interlocking aluminum foil layers together when building the wheel matrix. This helps to create our specialist monolith structure with a foil design in order to achieve higher rotor effectiveness.

  • Monolith wheel structure

    Monolith structure means 100% unconstrained airflow – no segments, no profiles, no welded spokes Up to 8% larger surface area Vs a segmented solution, less pressure loss/face velocity.

  • Stepper Motor

    - Silent control

    - Excellent start-up torque (removes need for a gearbox)

    - Direct drive

    - All motors installed inside the wheel casing

  • 3A molecular sieve desiccant

    3A molecular sieve desiccant has the beneficial homogenous structure of pores at a size of 3A. This is a renowned desiccant that adsorbs only water molecules (2.7A size) which fit into the desiccant pores, ensuring the vast reduction of contaminants meaning cross-contamination is minimized and high indoor air quality ensured.

  • Perfect sealing system

    Creates a tight seal around both diaphragms, which is reinforced by industrial-grade fabric and durable brush seals along both central beams. This high focus on airtightness increases our energy recovery by up to 2% due to a minimized air leakage.

  • Hub & Bearings

    Hub made of extruded aluminum. For wheel diameters over 70”, the hub is reinforced with 18” internal spokes to reduce torque and eliminate material fatigue. Using only the highest quality bearings, permanently sealed and lubricated. Our maintenance-free, oversized bearings are designed and tested for over 200 000 hours of duty (20 000 L10 hours of duty, 1000 rpm, 6000 lbs)

Packing and transport safety

  • Single shipment

    Individual orders are packed in a durable cage and placed on a pallet to ensure safety in consolidated transport and handling. A variety of packing materials are used, including inflated air cushions and flakeboard.

  • Full trucks shipment

    Smaller wheels are tightly bound to wooden pallets. Larger wheels are individually packed on transportation supports (either c-shape steel or wooden beams), with loads carefully secured on the truck using inflatable cushions or straps. We always take steps to ensure the aluminum matrix is protected from any accidental damage by the flakeboard or cardboard. Units are then wrapped in protective coverings with your PO number clearly printed on the package for easy warehouse location.

  • Internal transportation

    By forklifts: wheels are placed on pallets or on transportation supports for forklifts in order to avoid damage during installation.

    By cranes: each wheel can be equipped with slings for the crane to help to unload, moving and installing the wheel in an air handling unit. We use a variety of packing materials. From cardboard and flakeboard to protect the wheel matrix. We also use inflatable cushion bags to stabilize. Load during transportation. Every step we take is to ensure that the wheel is safe from accidental damage during transportation, unloading, or stocking, through to the final install within your air handling unit.

  • We obtained the financial subsidy under the polish government program "Tarcza 2.0".