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    • Unbeatable advantages

      • Direct replacement of the most common industry-standard sizes.
      • The unique shape of plates – designed for effective distribution of the air and high efficiency.
      • Air-tight due to double-folded plate connection.
      • Each unit tested according to EN308.
      • Efficient and highly automated manufacturing process.

Almost 84% efficiency with polymer counterflow heat exchanger!

Polymer counterflow heat exchangers are better than they've ever been before! Now, these new and next generation of plate heat exchangers can reach up to 84% efficiency in recovering sensible energy.

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    • Technical data

      • Up to 84% energy recovery.
      • No cross-contamination.
      • Sizes from 496 mm x 271 mm<br> to 1182 mm x 959 mm.
      • Direct replacement for most typically used plate exchangers on a market.
      • Available with both aluminum and polymer plates.
    • Technical specification

Available sizes

Model  Material  Plate distance mm/inchW mm/inchH mm/inchD mm/inch
CA-2-27Alu2/0.08496/19.5271/10.6225÷800 / 8.5÷31.5
CA-2-31Alu2/0.08537/21312/12.2225÷800 / 8.5÷31.5
CA-3-31Alu3/0.12537/21312/12.2225÷800 / 8.5÷31.5
CA-2-39Alu2/0.08619/24.3394/15.5225÷800 / 8.5÷31.5
CA-2-53Alu2/0.08758/29.8534/21225÷500 / 8.5÷27.5
CP-HE-2-31Polymer2/0.08537/21312/12.2225÷800 / 8.5÷31.5
CP-HE-3-31Polymer3/0.12537/21312/12.2225÷800 / 8.5÷31.5
CP-HE-2-39Polymer2/0.08619/24.3374/15.5225÷800 / 8.5÷31.5
CP-HE-3-39Polymer3/0.12619/24.3374/15.5225÷800 / 8.5÷31.5
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    • How it works

      The concept behind this is to extend the energy exchange path whilst maintaining the minimum possible pressure drop. The main reason for using plate heat exchangers is to fully separate the supply and exhaust airstreams to maintain the air quality and dramatically reduce the risk of any cross-contamination.

      Our special manufacturing and sealing processes help us to excel when it comes to a particularly sensitive matter of hygiene. This is critical in facilities such as hospitals or laboratories where any air contamination is unacceptable.

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