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    • Unbeatable advantages

      • Quiet operation thanks to optimized flow control and EC motor commutation​.
      • Comprehensive product ranges for every application.
      • Transport and installation are less complicated.
      • Backward impellers have higher​ efficiency and therefore lower power consumption​.
      • Simplified maintenance and 100% speed control through an interface​.

Why Fan Set?

A Fan Set grid uses many specially designed, high-efficiency, small-diameter, direct-driven plenum fans, which are mounted in an array within an air handler's air-way tunnel. High-performance motor, built-in variable control, compact small size, highest efficiency system, compatible with UL guidelines​.

Technical Specification
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    • Technical data

      • Fully assembled fans modules perfectly suited for energy-efficient projects.
      • Smaller direct drive fans produce higher frequency sound which is easier to attenuate, often eliminating the need for upstream and downstream sound attenuation.
      • Up to 2100 m3/h for a single fan.
      • Impeller with 7 backward-curved blades in frame sizes 190 to 315 mm.
      • Speed Control: 0~10VDC, Modbus RTU.
      • Operating temperature -30˚C to 60˚C.
    • Technical Specification

Available sizes

Size mmPower
Delta p
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    • How it works

      The Fan Set is a wall of motorized impellers that operate in parallel.  Our identical fans operate in parallel, the total airflow rate of the system is the product of an individual fan’s airflow rate times the number of fans in the array.

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