Why is Double Wheel relevant to You?​

The Swiss Rotors Double Wheel is best to use in regions with extreme weather conditions: UAE and Kuwait, the supply air needs to be cooled and dehumidifier.
Normally air dehumidification has been done by cooling the air to condense the humidity from the air and reheating it to the requested air temperature. Swiss Rotors Double Wheel is cooling, dehumidifying and reheating the supply air more energy effective, than other known solutions.

The Double Wheel Case Study

Product Data / Advantages

  • Compact, factory ready-built & slide-in just several minutes to install with low footprint
  • Lower overall cost of AHU vs AHU with other energy recovery systems.
  • Possibility of heat recovery in winter up to 90%, without using additional heating systems.
  • No electrical heating / reheating.
  • Less cooling power required.
  • Geometrically optimized wheels provide a price reduction of up to 40% compared to traditional solutions.
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    • Technical data

      • More compact (max 1 meter in total)
      • Most of the motors installed inside the wheels casing 
      • Easy cleanable with high-pressure air or water
      • Slight pressure drop, no more than 100 Pa on both sides
      • System length: 903 mm
      • System width\hight: from 500 to 2400 mm
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    • How it works

      Sorption wheeldehumidifies and cools warm outside air very efficiently.

      Cooling coilsupply air is passing the cooling coil and is cooled down to to the expected humidity in the supply air conditions.

      Heat recovery for  re-heating with sensible wheel: The condensation wheel warms the air to the required supply air temperature.

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