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    • Unbeatable advantages

      • Slide-in replacement for the stacked plate, dimpled plastic or aluminum wheels in all applications and its design for easy installation,
      • Monolith wheels are made using patented foil-forming technology that mechanically interlocks foil layers together without any segments,

New SFC Energy Recovery Wheel

Swiss Rotors energy recovery wheels (rotor) are regenerative air-to-air energy recovery parts of the air handling unit. The main function of regenerative air-to-air rotors is the transfer of sensible (temperature) and latent (humidity) energy between exhaust and supply airflows. Regenerative rotors are important for energy conservation in ventilation systems that treat outside air in order to ensure good, clean air in your internal environments.

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    • Technical data

      • High effectiveness accordingly to increased 2023 SEER regulations makes it ideal wheel for most applications,
      • Ideal for AHU and rooftops applications,
      • Wheel diameters: 25”-52” (sizes 58”- 81” available soon),
      • Only monolith aluminum wheel structures, without segments to ensure unconstrained airflow.
    • Operational Manual

Available sizes

Side by Side OptionWheel diameter inchW x H x D
Airflow max

Available in 2 recovery types:

  • Sorption / total

    Both foil layers desiccant coated, high latent recovery efficiency and hygienic quality of the device is ensured by sorption material (3A molecular sieve).

  • Enthalpy / Hygroscopic

    Mixture of media types: one foil is desiccant coated and the other in standard aluminum providing moderate latent heat recovery at a cost-conscious price.

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    • How it works

      In energy recovery wheels (rotors), exhaust air and supply air passes the wheel matrix in the opposite direction. The energy from the exhaust air is then transferred to the supply air through the wheel matrix. Thanks to the alternating airflow direction, the wheel is self-cleaning and frost resistant at low temperatures.


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