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    • Unbeatable advantages

      • Quiet operation thanks to optimized flow control and EC motor commutation​.
      • Comprehensive product ranges for every application.
      • Transport and installation are less complicated.
      • Backward impellers have higher​ efficiency and therefore lower power consumption​.
      • Simplified maintenance and 100% speed control through an interface​.

Why Fan Set?

Fan sets are a key component in ventilation systems such as air handling units, rooftops or recuperators. The integrated electronics in EC motors allows for smooth speed control while maintaining high efficiency and thus lower electricity consumption.

Technical Specification
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    • Technical data

      • Complete Fan Set suited for energy-efficient projects.
      • Smaller direct drive fans produce higher frequency sound which is easier to attenuate, often eliminating the need for upstream and downstream sound attenuation.
      • Up to 1236 CFM for a single fan.
      • Impeller with 7 backwards-curved blades in frame sizes 7.5″ to 12.4″.
      • Speed Control: 0~10VDC, Modbus RTU.
      • Operating temperature -13˚F to 140˚F.
    • Technical Specification

Available sizes

Size inchPower
Delta p
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    • How it works

      Fan Set is a device used to supply and exhaust air. The engine, mounted in the housing, drives the impeller located inside. The fan, after accelerating to the dedicated rotational speed, is able to force the flow through the exchanger in the air handling unit. Special designed 7 backwards-curved blades in the frame redirect the exhaust of air at 90 degrees so that the centrifugal effect increases the pressure and power of the fan. Ventilating cone of dedicated diameter is mounted on the opposite side.

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