RT 21-83

8” Energy Recovery Wheel

11 tailored sizes

Swiss Rotors SFC energy recovery wheels – supported airflow range

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Supported airflow ranges

Our SFC Energy Recovery Wheels in 11 sizes handle from 280 to 15 500 CFM of air

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Monolitic design

The heat accumulation structure is based on a patented foil forming technology that interlocks subsequent foil layers.

Double-side sealing system

To prevent cross-contamination and increase the heat recovery efficiency by an additional 2%.

3Å molecular sieve

High-performance hygroscopic coating provides efficient heat transfer, both sensible and latent, while preventing odor transfer.

Easy slide out – in

VFD Ready 3-phase asynchronous motor fitted for smooth wheel revolutions adjustment

4 x same – dimensions, footprint, power
supply, performance.

Manufacturing & stocking
localy in Georgia (US)

Local production and testing. Full production and delivery traceability. Competitive pricing,
fast order fulfillment.