SFC 25-81

4” Energy Recovery Wheel

Precisely selected planetary gear systems to ensure optimal wheel revolutions for achieving the highest energy recovery performance
Drive transmission
Segmented V-belt precisely fitted to the pulley

Benefit one

Supported airflow ranges

Our SFC Energy Recovery Wheels in 11 sizes handle from 280 to 15 500 CFM of air

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Our design highlights


Single diaphragm design and reduced wheel assembly weight improve performance.

3Å molecular sieve

High-performance hygroscopic coating provides efficient heat transfer, both sensible and latent, while preventing odor transfer.

Variable speed

A planetary gear is chosen for the best speed reduction. The motor has the ability to vary its speed. The optimal revolutions are determined for the best recovery performance.

Easy slide out – in

An equivalent commonly found in
the market to one-to-one wheels.

4 x same – dimensions, footprint, power
supply, performance.

Manufacturing & stocking
localy in Georgia (US)

Local production and testing. Full production and delivery traceability. Competitive pricing,
fast order fulfillment.