Core Heat Exchangers

CA, CP Lines

Easy Application, Custom Dimms

Fully assembled EC Fan Set


Air handling units and rooftop units

Supply and return mechanical ventilation systems with the required highest possible energy recovery
performance at zero cross-contamination effect


A system of alternating plates creating a counterflow system of air channels

Advanced plate embossing technology ensuring their strengthening and development of the maximum heat
exchange surface

Plate spacing

3 mm – for ventilation systems in which achieving high heat recovery efficiency must go hand in hand with low air flow resistance

2 mm – for ventilation systems where the efficiency of the heat recovery process is a priority

Heat Transfer Plates

Aluminum plates (CA) – For all comfort ventilation systems and selected industrial ventilation applications

Polymer plates (CP) – For all residential, comfort and selected industrial ventilation except for systems where the
presence of volatile substances that may react with polymers is possible

The way we manufacture

To ensure full repeatability of the components we produce, we have implemented highly automated production lines with cutting-edge automation solutions.

CA, CP Lines

Swiss Rotors SR-FS-A EC Fan Sets – supported airflow range

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Swiss Rotors RT ERW energy recovery wheels – supported airflow range

EC Fan Sets

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Energy Recovery Wheels


EC Fans


Core Heat Exchangers

We specialize in the design and production of key air treatment components for air handling units and rooftop units.

All our products fully correspond to the dimensions of components commonly used on the market and are 100% equivalent in terms of efficiency and performance.

The components we design, and produce are subject to continuous improvement. Their technical parameters are guaranteed by independent certification bodies.

CA Aluminum Core Heat Exchangers

Model Plate material Plate spacing Lenght Height Width
CA-2-27​ Alu​minum 2 mm 496 mm 271 mm 225÷800​ mm
CA-2-31​ Alu​minum 2 mm 537 mm 312 mm 225÷800 mm
CA-3-31​ Alu​minum 3 mm 537 mm 312 mm 225÷800​ mm
CA-2-39​ Alu​minum 2 mm 619 mm 394 mm 225÷800 mm
CA-2-53 Alu​minum 2 mm 758 mm 534 mm 225÷500 mm

CP Polymer Core Heat Exchangers

Model Plate material Plate spacing Lenght Height Width
CP-HE-2-31​ Polymer​ 2 mm 537 mm 312 mm 225÷800 mm
CP-HE-3-31​ Polymer​ 3 mm 537 mm 312 mm 225÷800 mm
CP-HE-2-39​ Polymer​ 2 mm 619 mm 394 mm 225÷800 mm
CP-HE-3-39​ Polymer​ 3 mm 619 mm 394 mm 225÷800 mm