Why do we recover heat in ventilation systems?

Download PDF printable version of this post Today, mechanical ventilation systems are an indispensable element of building equipment, regardless of their purpose. They are used in practically all newly built facilities, as well as in older ones, which were built at a time when our needs for comfort resulting from air quality were not as […]

3Å molecular sieve… for pure moisture recovery

PDF printable version of this post Energy recovery wheels, which, despite the fact that they cannot be used in all ventilation systems, are generally considered to be the best of the commonly used heat recovery systems in air handling units. In any comparison, their performance outweighs other typical solutions (core heat exchangers, run-around coils, etc.). […]

Digital transformation in HVAC Part 2 – The Swiss Rotors’ dll

Whenever we plan to use any technical product in our environment, we make the decision to purchase it based on the assessment of its features, which can usually be divided into two groups. The first are those that are easy to describe by parameters such as shape, size, weight, colour, etc. In other words, these […]