Acredited AMCA station

Cutting-Edge Fan
Testing Lab

Fans are the main energy-consuming component of ventilation systems.

They are used continuously, regardless of the season or operation of the air handling unit or Roof-Top. Accurate assessment of fan performance parameters is crucial for building long-term client relationships.

Where is our lab located?

We design and manufacture locally… to be as close as possible to our customers and the markets that they operate. So as to fully understand their requirements and follow changes in regulations.

Poland Office

Rumska 18

81-198 Dębogórze

Our offices

Local production and testing. Full production and delivery traceability.
Competitive pricing, fast order fulfillment.

USA Office

3535 Gravel Springs Road Ext.

Suite 203, Buford, GA

+1 470 266 6546

Poland Office

Rumska 18

81-198 Dębogórze

+48 66 505 19 41

Switzerland Office

Eichengasse 3

4702 Oensingen

+41 43 508 94 75